September 07, 2006

Sri Aurobindo translated 3,000 mantras

Mantras are said to be divined by the great Rishis, or “seers”. The earliest account written account of mantra is attributed to the RgVeda. The sounds and combination of words are also said to be divined, coming straight from the gods. This is called shruti.
The saint and scholor, Sri Aurobindo, was one of the first people to defend and write detailed information about the Rig Veda mantras. He translated over 3,000 mantras, and wrote over 15,000 pages of essays on the topic. Aurobindo places the RgVeda as early as 4000 B.C.E., yet to this date the exact time period is higly disputed among scholors. What is clear is that mantra is a vibrational technology that came from the Rishis, with a highly developed and complex system of meter, tones, and sounds which when spoken internally or externally, are used to alter a person’s reality or karma.
Some mantra are used for personal and spiritual growth or protection, and others are used for greater spells and incantations. The Samskrt alphabet itself was said to be divined the same way. In the essay, “Mantras-What are They?” by Andre Padoux, the author writes about the significance of the spiritual origins of mantra and the alphabet. posted by aditiblog @ 10:47 PM

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