September 18, 2006

Collaboration Summer 1995 - Spring 2000

Author Index for
Amrita, K.
Old long since
Archambeau, Nora
How the yoga moves within one aspirant
Arindam, Auro
Looking back
Arnold, Gale
Eternally now
Auroville's Village Action: unfolding consciousness
Aurobindo, Sri
Avatar and guru

The evolutionary aim of yoga

On faith and shakti

The finding of the soul [from Savitri]

Futuric personhood

Hell and heaven

The Integral Yoga: what, why, how

One day the little more

Oneness and multiplicity

On music

On parts of the being

On sleep

On the universal consciousness

Quantum candles and centers of consciousness


Vedic poetry
Belen, Marta
Sri Aurobindo Association financial report
Berman, Cassia
An already answered prayer

Sophie's poem
Berson, Martin
Conscious exercise as a tool in sadhana
Bhattacharya, Sunil
Music from Her
Bloomquist, Wayne
Divine life in the process of evolution

One body, one substance
Browne, Ariel
Center holds conference on cellular evolution
Chiopris, Carlo
Living in the past?

(untitled poem)
Coker, Janis
AUM98: the presence
Transcending the tangible: The yoga online (part 1 and part 2)
Cornelissen, Matthijs
Parts and planes of the being: An introduction
Cornell, John Robert
A home for the ancient traveler
Cummins, Marian
On sharing experiences
Das, Manoj
The Integral Yoga: practice and experience (part 1 and part 2)
Davidson, Let
Cyberspace satsang
Dee, Bhavana
Auroville's Village Action: unfolding consciousness
Dyne, Sonia
Savitri by heart

The Tragedy of Earth
Edmonston, Paul
On consciousness

On sensing connections in ordinary events

Some characteristics of the aesthetic experience
Eschner, Vishnubhai
Babaji's talk: an interview with Sri Ramkrishnadas
Eight questions: Where is the yoga headed in the new millennium?
Sri Aurobindo: A journey into his life divine (part 1) and (part 2)

The mysticism of music, sound, and word

Thoughts on the collective

Transition (Wayne and Surama Bloomquist)
Fiedler, David
The art of living: an exercise in collective yoga
Finn, Mary Angel
A miracle
The struggle
Gould, Seabury
A voyage of returning
Gupta, Nolini Kanta
The ideal centre
Habbu, Arvind R.
Heehs, Peter
Jayantilal Parekh, 1913-1999: The passing of an artist

Hemsell, Rod
Savitri and the mystic hero's journey
Hill, Stephen
New Age music made simple
Hughes, Eric
Matagiri library opens

The Savitni Legend: A Transformational Tale - A new novel from Savitra
Hutchinson, David
Beyond the magic
Eight questions: Where is the yoga headed in the new millennium?
Eighty-eight gurus

Inside AUM

Sri Aurobindo: Inside, outside, upside down: reflections on yoga in one's life

Lisping gizmos and the supercomputer sangha

Transcending the tangible: The yoga online (part 1 and part 2)
Irvin, Ben
Transcending the tangible: The yoga online (part 1 and part 2)
Jani, A.J.
What is a sadhak?
Jani, Smt. Malati
Wind's rapture of being
Heartbreak and challenges
Kent, Joseph
On the threshold and Starry Night

Untitled poem
Korstange, Gordon
Auroville journal (part 1) and (part 2)

On the shores of Lake Winnepasakee

Traveling to Auroland: A reverie and some strategy

Up on Hartley Hill
Korstange, Jean
Raising and educating children in the 21st century
Kumari, Shyam
The Golden Ship
The Mother's child
The separation and the anguish

The stone
LeCocq, Rhoda P.
Sri Aurobindo's last darshan
Lester, Lynda
Earth hour - Stages toward transformation
Eight questions: Where is the yoga headed in the new millennium?
The Grateful Dead: A special quality of energy

Higher mind: Coming soon to a computer near you

Vital yoga
Liddchi, Maggi
The psychic being
Lines, Julian
AUM 2000 to be held in Connecticut: Bridge to the new millenium
Maguire, Deirdre
For my teacher
Listen my friend

Majumdar, Anu
New age novel from India
Mantry, Girish
Darshan Day in Pondy, 1997
Maloney, Arya
Matagiri: A center for the evolution of consciousness
Masi, Marco
Consciousness, evolution, and mysticism
Maslow, Jan
Remembering Gene
Maslow, Jean
Inscription on a fallen leaf

Prayer for traveling
Mehra, Ameeta
An ideal center: an aspiration to realize
Consciousness in work: The gnostic way
Miovic, Michael
The movies move forward

The story of Ebenezer: the bird who wanted to walk
Molinari, Paul
Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita
Accepting difficulties with gusto
Enthusiasm and gratitude: The surest links to the psychic being

The foundations of yoga

Divine versus ordinary love

Mother's Agenda: November 27, 1965

On having experiences

On music

On Prayers and Meditations

On sleep

On the supramental being

The unexpected button

Your special mission

Why people don't practice the yoga
Nair, C.V. Devan
The great becoming, Part I

The great meaning

Meditations on the human journey, Part 2

Sunil lives on in his music
Neogy, Chitra
(untitled poem)
O,Connell, Isha
News update from Auroville farms
Patel, Chandresh
Earth creature
International pavilions to highlight human unity Money earmarked for American pavilion
Money Power Project starts new online forum
Money Power: reconquering a universal force for the divine
Out at sea

Out at the beach

Transcending the tangible: The yoga online (part 1 and part 2)

One word about discipline
Give me wings
Reddy, Ananda
Ideal collectivity: its evolutionary necessity
Four and
Roy, Niranjan Guhan
A lonely flute
Ryckaert, Guy
Auroville land report: 199701998
Help needed to purchase Auroville land
Sage, Bernard
A pact with the queen of spiders
Defeat of the "I"
Salmon, Don
The coming of the subjective age

Transcending the tangible: The yoga online (part 1 and part 2)
A poem
In search of community
Schachat, Kenny
Successorship and other tales
Schochen, Seyril
Soldier Daddy ... and the music found
Sequoia, Aurela
untitled poem
Shah, Kosha
India and the USA — collaboration?

Whither humanity?
The abode of Savitri - A report from Savitri Bhavan
Smith, Matthew
A walk into God
Smith, Prapanna
Center for Integral Education update
Inner peace, outer action
Spanier, Sam
From early times
The story of Matagiri: Part 1
The Essential Writings of Sri Aurobindo, by Peter Heehs
Stein, Richard
Integrally psyched
Sullivan, Bill
Auroville home page introduction

Frontier of the new millenium
Timmermans, August
A wish again
Tomb, Joan
"Bon" fire: Auroville's 30th birthday
Vaidya, Arun
Nolinida: To know him
The synergistic duo
Van der Vlugt, Mauna
Blackness and light - Diwali concert in Pitanga

Friends say goodbye to Sunil Bhattacharya

Light beginnings: the 1998 New Year's report from Auroville
Van Vrekhem, Georges
Mother meets Sri Aurobindo
The transitional being: a possibility for the new race
Vanzetti, Dakshina
Contributions sought for Orissa cyclone relief effort - Integral Yoga centers damaged
Reply to a wish
Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham: A place for tapasya
Vaughan, Carolyn
Nature's Spirit
Vloothuis, Johannes
Understanding levels of dreams and sleep
Watts, Heidi
Four weeks in India (part 1) and (part 2)

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