September 08, 2006

A neglected God

A.B. Purani
From Sri Aurobindo: Addresses on His Life and Teachings, 1955
A retiring personality, reticent almost to the point of shyness, here was a giant intellect, cosmic in its synthetic sweep, keen in penetrating power, quick and firm in its grasp of the essentials. [p.11] What he has brought to mankind is a Truth, a Power, a Vision of a Dynamic Truth. I wish I could carry to you something of that Truth, of that Light. [p.16] What I speak to you here is perhaps a millionth of the Ray, an infinitesimal part of his Grace and that, too, not acquired by my deserving it but by his overflowing kindness and generosity which he bestowed upon some of us. [p.81]

Whenever I have an occasion to speak to people about Sri Aurobindo, I feel as if I am speaking about a neglected God…One of the mightiest intellectuals of all times, one of the most sincere and lovable personalities that ever lived, preferred to remain unknown to the world, dedicated, in his self-imposed silence, to a mighty service of humanity. As he was silent, he suffers our indifference and silence towards him, but it is not he who loses by our indifference. [New Delhi, April 1952 p.218]

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