September 11, 2006

Schelling and Sri Aurobindo

One way to summarize the spiritual traditions is the following Stage 1: Immanence-only (Paganism, indigenous religion). The motivation here was to be one with the manifest worlds. Flowing with and praising it. But to what greater purpose--what if one is simpy flowing with oppression and war, poverty and hatred?
Stage 2: Transcendent-only. The manifest world as realm of illusion and sin. A desire of freedom and escape from the wheel of suffering and death. A prophetic thrust against injustice, acts of mercy and kindness, a desire for human community that transcends local-exclusivist tribal identities. But still a deep ambivalence (even hatred of) this world and participation in it.
Stage 3 and 4: Nonduality (3=Plotinus, Nagarjuna, 4=Schelling, Aurobindo). These two traditions unite the paths of ascent and descent and teach that eternity is awakening in the present. The kingdom of Heaven on earth; Formless and Form as One, etc.
The paths of the Bodhisattva who spends time awakening all, joyously for they are always already awake (though inattentive to this) and the Tantric-Siddhi one who "plays' with all manifestation as display of Original Radiance. Stage 4 brought the knowledge that this Nondual vision was developing through time, but like Stage 3 was conceived to have been completely set from the beginning. posted by CJ Smith @ 1:12 PM 2 comments Indistinct Union: Nonduality and Christianity Exploration of Unity Consciousness and the Christian Life Name:Chris Dierkes

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