September 09, 2006

Integral Yoga and The LIfe Divine

But the way I take is Jnana yoga. I especially enjoy Sri Aurobindo’s “The LIfe Divine.” which is his consummate piece on Jnana yoga. Anyway this is why I call myself “Yoga Philosopher.” While others are considered yoga philosophers, in the west this has come to mean physical exercises. Most are familiar with people twising themselves into pretzels. Hatha yoga is considered a good preparation for yoga overall, but for an in depth study there is simply not time according to Sri Aurobindo. All yoga types are a considerable undertaking by themselves.
Ultimately, according to Sri Aurobindo, one should try to combine the different yogic paths - Jnana, Bhakti, Raja and Karma. This is what he calls the “Integral Yoga.” But people have different aptitudes. Bhakti yoga is the most practiced yoga. All people are capable to act from the heart in devotion to God. Karma yoga too can be widely practiced as well because all people are able to work and therefore if they are so inclined, to dedicate their work to God. Raja yoga takes much study and one must have a gifted teacher to succeed. Finally in Jnana yoga, this is the one most rarely practiced. This is because few people have a philosophical bent.
So my site has an emphasis toward Jnana yoga. This certainly at some point is difficult for even the most enthusiastic blogger. I find it difficult as well but also very rewarding. As one of my university professors Dr. Weston told me: “If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth doing.” So if you are so inclined have a look at the metaphysics section. Or for those that want to avoid abstract speculation look at my political philosophy section. Posted in Introspection by Administrator at 7:41 am No Comments

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