September 09, 2006

Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

The great Indian freedom-fighter, yogi, and avatar, Sri Aurobindo, spoke about a new force that is beginning to move through human affairs. The Divine that we are in our true essence is beginning to move towards the fractured divinity of our embodied form. He referred to this as the supramental descent. It is a unifying force that is beginning to permeate our collective human drama, reverse our distorted identification with physical form, and awaken our true potential within the fields of matter. It is a new evolutionary force that is here to create a new species of humanity as different from humans today as we are from the apes. It is a Divine Force that is re-splicing the very basis of our DNA so that we can fully express our Infinite Universal Self within transformed bodies of light capable of multi-dimensional access.
What we refer to as enlightenment is the first step in this journey. It is a neurophysiological process whereby the mind is linked with heart, which, yoked together, link with the dimensions of soul. It is only the first step, however. As our DNA begins to respond to these linkages, the physical body begins to mutate. The cells begin to absorb nourishment directly from the cosmos, the mind allows increasing access to higher dimensions, and the soul finds fuller expression in body of purified matter. Eventually the body becomes a clear, perfect reflection for the intent of spirit, and soul can incarnate fully within the body. Some call this process ascension. (Perhaps a more appropriate term would be "descension"!)
For the masses of humanity, this is still to come, however. It may not be till certain shifts take place in the energetic balance of Earth that we become fully capable of living as limitless spiritual beings in human bodies. As we come closer to the end of linear time as reflected in the Mayan calendar, the energetic balance on Earth will go through a profound shift. Until then, we can begin with contemplating our true potential, and awakening from the illusions of who we are not. Once we recognize who we are not, our souls can work more directly to illumine our bodies and minds. Although the mass enlightenment and ascension of humanity may not happen until later, each of us can begin our individual journey here and now.
For long eons, humanity has slumbered in unconsciousness, and has come close to destroying forever its own habitat. We have wandered deep into a prison of our own making, and have tried desperately to cut off all traces of our true origins and destiny. Our DNA has been distorted, and we have genetically engineered ourselves almost to extinction. However, we are at a moment in time when we are preparing to awaken from this deep slumber and take our place as fully conscious, mature, spiritual beings in the vast playground of created universes. After all our wanderings, we are preparing to finally come home to ourselves, and to truly know that place for the first time. May we journey well! By Kiara Windrider posted by Caason Tan at 11:40 PM

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