September 10, 2006

From the author's brush with death

[111]. Death, Dying and Beyond by Pandey, Alok 2006, pp. xxvii+327, pb, US$ 5.29 or Rs. 225 Hinduism Latest update: Latest Update Notes ons - onsbooks , Today, 3:37 AM EDT
The one thing that is at once the most predictable and unpredictable about life is death. And yet man lives forgetting death as if he were immortal and, between these two, an outer, visible fact of death and an inner innate sense of immortality hangs the balance of life, - a paradox to which we do not easily find the key. The author, Dr. Alok Pandey, is a seeker on the path of Integral Yoga. A psychiatrist by profession, he has had several unanswered encounters with death during the course of his medical practice. It is only when he came in touch with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother that he found these issues abundantly answered. This book is an attempt to find answers to the core issues related to death, not just theoretically but practically, supported by anecdotes and experiences arising from the author's brush with death.

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