September 11, 2006

War and Peace and Love and Light

Effecting Events in the World: Mother and Sri Aurobindo participated in the affairs of the earth and the universe according to the mission and the work they were doing. When it was clear that the Second World War was inevitable, they saw the Lord of Nations leading Hitler on and urging him to conquer the world with very tall promises. The Lord of Nations, it was said, appeared before Hitler in a dazzling light in shining white armor and gave him detailed advice. Sri Aurobindo called this war, “Mother’s war.”
Sri Aurobindo used to send his spiritual force in support of the Allies and eagerly awaited the results of individual battles. At every important turning point of the war, Sri Aurobindo took great interest. At the famous Dunkirk battle the British troops were miraculously saved when they crossed the channel under the cloak of fog. Sri Aurobindo used to refer to that with a smile as the mysterious fog’.
When Hitler was gaining success after success and The Mother was trying in the opposite direction, she said the shining being that was guiding Hitler used to come to the Ashram from time to time to see what was happening. Things changed from bad to worse. The Mother decided on a fresh strategy. She took on the appearance of that shining being, appeared before Hitler and advised him to attack Russia. On her way back to the Ashram, she met that being. The being was intrigued by The Mother having stolen a march over him. Hitler’s attack on Russia ensured his downfall.
For years The Mother and Sri Aurobindo worked for the freedom of India from colonial rule. That occurred in 1947. Years later the Mother was preoccupied with other events related to India, in particular the Chinese invasion of India in 1962, the confrontation with Pakistan in 1965, and the Bangladesh war, which ended in the partition of Pakistan in the early 1970s. She was consulted by a number of key individuals in Indian government during this time, and in her consciousness she focused her Force on these events in order for them to have the most positive outcomes.
The Mother along with Sri Aurobindo believed that India would be the teacher and guru of the world as it relates to the inner and spiritual life. They believed that India and Pakistan would one day reunite, that Tibet would be independent again, and that a number of the countries currently around India would one day form a confederation with India. They worked in the inner, subtle realms to see this one day come about.
Renown Visitors and Interactions: Many renowned people from around the world visited The Mother in those years. For example, the daughter of Woodrow Wilson, the US President, came to the Ashram in the 20’s and chose to remain there for the rest of her life.
Henry Ford, the automobile king, heard of The Mother and wanted to meet her. On the eve of his departure, World War II broke out and prevented his coming to India.
Much later in the 1960s a friend of John F. Kennedy took interest in The Mother and examined in depth the philosophy and yoga of Sri Aurobindo. He met The Mother and asked her what were the external signs by which one could discern the attainment of the Force, the Supramental power in a person. His question was reminiscent of Arjuna asking Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita on the battlefield of Kurekshetra, “How does a realized person sit, walk and speak?” The Mother explained to him the three conditions that would reveal the attainment of the Supramental consciousness and told him that of the three, equality, was the most significant. The visitor arranged for Kennedy to visit The Mother, but it could not take place.
The Mother’s plan for Auroville, the world spiritual community founded by The Mother was presented to Khrushchev in the 1960s while he was in power. He felt the idea of Auroville was something worth the support of his government.
The Mother believed throughout the 1950s to the 1970s in the rapprochement between Russia and the US, and worked inwardly for that goal. She thought it might happen when Khrushchev and Kennedy were in power in the early 60s, but noted that hostile forces worked for their removal. The rapprochement never took place in her lifetime. Though she was not alive when Gorbachev almost single-handedly ended the Cold War, we could perhaps believe she had a hand in his emergence and the "velvet revolutions" that ended the Cold War that followed in the late 1980s.
When India's first premier Nehru visited Pondicherry, he commented that Pondicherry was saturated with peace; little knowing that it was the peace of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
In 1971 Indira Gandhi was in a political turmoil because of the split in the Congress party's organization. Her government had lost its majority and on important occasions in the Parliament she relied on the support of the opposition group. She had ordered interim elections but thought she would be lucky if she could muster 250 seats in the house. It was at that time friendly advice brought her the suggestion that if she sought The Mother’s support, her political and legislative uncertainty would end. Indira heeded the advice and came to Pondicherry to meet The Mother. Her prayer was for 250 house seats. The Mother smiled broadly, nodded her head vigorously and granted the prayer made through her cabinet colleague Nandini. The electoral victory was a landslide win. An Indira wave swept across the nation giving her 356 seats and the coveted two-thirds majority required to amend the constitution.
In later years she met with other renowned individuals, including the king of Nepal. She had a significant meeting with the Dalai Lama who had recently escaped from Chinese occupation of Tibet. She found him to be a man of great compassion. He asked Mother if Tibet would one day be freed of Chinese rule. She affirmed it would one day happen.

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