August 05, 2006

The Physics Of Supramentalisation

Since the Supramental transformation involves the Physical Reality, is it possible to explain it in terms of physics? I would suggest that it is. Basically, the process of Supramentalisation, or what the Christian would call "the victory over death", pertains to the overcoming of entropy. Entropy, or the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which says that heat always flows from a hot to a cold object, but never the reverse. Assuming the oscillating universe theory is true, the present universe will end in a "big crunch" in which everything is contracted to a single point or "singularity". If this isn't the case, then after countless billions of years all the stars will have exhausted their fuel and be cold and dead, and the entire universe will be exactly the same temperature (a few degrees above absolute zero. In such a universe, all life, and all activity would be impossible (because activity or work can only occur if there is a difference in temperature).
In terms of physical structures or organisation, entropy means the breakdown of complex ordered systems (e.g. a living organism) into disordered equilibrium ones, (e.g. inanimate matter). Hence a building will eventually crumble into rubble, but rubble by itself won't reform itself into a building. Although it has been argued that the existence of life itself indicates a principle opposite to entropy - "negative entropy" or "negentropy" - since living organisms grow and evolve from simple to complex structures, this statement is not correct. For life on Earth still depends on the energy from the sun; life involves a local reversal of entropy, but not an absolute reversal. The overall energy in the universe is still "running down".
I would suggest that Supramentalisation is the only way to escape the tyranny of entropy, and in fact in a supramentalised universe, there automatically would be no such thing as entropy, except as part of the overall yin-yang anabolic-catabolic diastole-systole cycle of existence. The conquest of entropy, and hence of death, can also be understood on a deeper level through the unified field theory. We have seen that according to modern Scientific quantum cosmology, originally all the forces of nature existed as a single unified super-force. This original mathematical "supersymmetry" was broken, resulting in the compactification of six of the original ten space-time dimensions, and a division of the original unity into two universes, our own, and a parallel "shadow universe," and into the four fundamental forces of physical reality we know today.
Now, suppose that through the process of Supramentalisation - i.e. the descent of the Manifest-Absolute or Supramental Consciousness into the physical and subphysical, and its integration into the material realm - this process is somehow reversed, and the original "supersymmetry" is re-established, this time in a more stable form. There would then be a single quantum-physical law determining all physical existence. Phenomena that characterise our present universe, such as entropy, and the limitation of each consciousness to a single body or brain, as by-products of the present physical conditions, would not then be the case. Hence there would no longer be illness or old age, or limited individual existence. And the world in which "the living" and "the dead" exist together could be the result of the re-unification of the gross or outer Physical and the Subtle or Inner Physical.
Assuming the existence of a cyclic universe (and indeed this seems by far the most reasonable theory of the nature of things), we have to admit that Supramentalisation has never been achieved in any previous cycle (or kalpa). Why? Because if Supramentalisation had been achieved in a previous cycle, then we wouldn't be in our present imperfect state now, because that state, once attained, can never be lost. And even if it had been achieved on some distant world karmically unconnected to the Earth, the present universe would have still turned out better than it did. So we have to assume that what is being described as "Supramentalisation" is something totally new, at least as far as the cyclic evolution of this series of universes is concerned. Indeed, Supramentalisation - and following that even greater and greater states of Supreme Divinisation - could be the logical goal towards which all oscillating universes (our own and an infinite number of other ones) are evolving. This essay first appeared in Esoterica (later Magick) magazine, issue no.7, 1996. Kheper Home

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