August 05, 2006

Gems from The Life Divine

Gems from The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo
The knowledge is a whip that drives
Knowledge itself is only a higher ignorance
Mind is not a faculty of knowledge
Mind is the nodus of the great ignorance
Our action in ignorance is overseen and guided
Pain and suffering are for spiritual profit
The world of pure matter is neutral
No law is absolute, because only the infinite is absolute
Logic of the Infinite
Illusion of our present possibility
Illusion of the obvious
Illusion of size
Illusion of quantity
Illusion of quality
Separateness is an illusion
Pluralism is an error
Universal purpose and apparent waste
Intelligence as the mother of intelligence
The Absolute of relativities
Simultaneous integrality of Time
Each is a whole Eternal concealed
Manas is the sixth sense
Revelation and the Ascent
Double attitude towards the Truth
There is nothing that is stable; all is movement
The force is anterior, not the physical movement
Reality is at once static and dynamic
Purusha who wakes for ever even in all that sleeps
Offering of Brahman to Brahman by Brahman
The Unknown is not unknowable
Divine government of the universe
Undivided Omnipotence- secret purpose and intention
The Reality is one and not a sum or concourse
Pleasure, pain, indifference
Obligation of habit
The war of our members
Vital mind’s constant demand for something more
Mind- an ignorant dealer in possibilities
Mind is only secondarily responsible [for creation]
Imagination is a necessity
Intuition is our first teacher
Substitution of titiksha for jugupsa
There are a hundred ways of approaching the Supreme Reality
Spiritual experience…takes a multitude of directions
World-union and world-harmony
We need not fear to aspire

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