August 07, 2006

Eternity in Their Hearts

LiquidLifeHacker said...I personally have always known that Christianity is built on Judaism. I really feel, as a Christian, that I am just a "sect" of the Jewish way. I, like you, cannot exclude Judaism when it comes to my own spirituality because I truly believe that Jesus came "to fulfill" rather than to "do away with" the (Jewish) Law. Israel is my spiritual ancestor! I understand that I am a grafted branch! I am always suprised when I talk to some Christians that don't understand this...because Paul in Romans 11 explained it. 10:20 AM LiquidLifeHacker said...Has anyone read Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson? 3:39 PM
TheRosicrucian said...Karma Yoga is, in my understanding, motion towards the Godhead through action without sustainted analysis and introspection preceding the action. One acts without fear of consequences, but said action is predicated on intuitive, instantaneous 'flashes' from the Divine. This can and does occur when one is living and thinking in harmony with the Divine. Too many are willing to regard this disregard for potential Karmic consequences as pathological in nature, but this assumption is predicated on the agnosticism of the 'scientific' models of understanding human behavior.
Relgion per se tends to circumvent the stigma and potential for 'pathology' of anyone seeking such a direct and immeidate relationship with the Divine via using intermediaries and interpreters of the Divine. Islam is notorious for this, followed by Christianity. Least offensive from this mystic's view is Judaism. You folks are closet mystics, quite free and encouraged to have a one-on-one relationship with the Cosmic. Indeed, you are encouraged to quickly or slowly climb the ladder, so to speak, with or without the Kippah. Congratulations! This freedom may well account for the ability of Jews, so vastly outnumbered and condemned, to survive. 6:04 AM
Gagdad Bob said...One must marvel at the ability of the Jews to survive down through the centuries. What was in it for them? Obviously something quite deep, probably similar to what was in it for the early Chistian martyrs who danced to their deaths. Very much the opposite of our contemporary "last men, living in a pitiable comfort." 7:14 AM

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